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ORTHOFLEX Forte viscoelastic solution 30 mg / 2 ml highly purified sodium hyaluronate with high molecular weight (2.9 million Daltons), in a pre-filled syringe used for intra-articular injection treatment of arthritis is similar to synovial fluid, a substance that exists naturally in joints, synovial fluid acting as a lubricant and shock absorber. ORTHOFLEX Forte is recommended for patients who have joint pain coupled with reduced mobility. These symptoms may occur as a result of trauma or degenerative diseases.

  • ORTHOFLEX Forte reduces pain significantly and is used to treat and restore joint mobility and elasticity.
  • Treatment consists of administration of 1-3intra-articular injections of ORTHOFLEX Forte, according to medical indication and severity of degenerative or traumatic change.
  • Indicated in knee arthritis, hip arthritis, osteoarthritis of the shoulder, elbow, hand and ankle.

Orthoflex Forte has on medium term, a double effect by restoring in the joints the levels of sodium hyaluronate, restoring also the mechanical properties of synovial fluid and having a long-lasting effect by stimulating naturally the body in secretion of hyaluronic acid. The therapeutic efficacy has been proved up to six months of relief, replaces natural joint fluid to cushion, repair cartilage, protect and lubricate the knee, help restore mobility by treating knee pain at its source.